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Alternate Views

Quickly change the view of your selected home by
clicking on an image from the gallery to the right.

Our greatest strength is our ability to give you every advantage including our new visualizer.

This powerfully interactive and beautifully accurate online tool makes it possible for you to design your new home in an instant by:

How the visualizer works:

  1. Choose your home. (Once you have chosen your home, you may also select an alternate view of it.)
  2. Mouse over the area(s) you want to change such as the roof, siding, etc.
  3. Click on the home product style and/or color you want to apply.
  4. See the results in an instant.
  5. Save your project(s) to view in the Project Folder. You can also Print or Download to a PDF.
  6. View your final product selections.
  7. Click on Compare Homes at the top right of the page for a dramatic before and after view.
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